what size art over king bed

Can i get king mattress through 6 feet door? Please do not use any images or text without noting its origins. Thank you!Hi Jess! What size would you recommend?Hi Brandy, I think a king size bed is 76 inches wide, but because you have a poster bed I’d definitely double check that. Its beautiful.It certainly is a nice paint colour isn’t it?

Just make sure to link back to me.

I’ve found a few samples on Pinterest I thought you might be interested in seeing…If the art all works well together and has a similar aesthetic and framing then it will seem more like one big piece of art, than several smaller pieces:There’s also these two examples. Can you get a king size mattress through a … Thank you!Great question Susan! Do you think that’s overwhelming? Art.

The answer is often subjective, but the best starting point is to keep your finished piece (the edges of the canvas or frame) between 60-80% the width of the furniture it’s hanging over, and I tend to like it closer to the 80% mark.For the standard 76 inch wide king bed you should consider art that is between 45 and 60 inches wide. Large modern abstract minimalist art prints for your coastal home decor. Your best bet is to get painters tape and make a 24×36 inch rectangle on the wall and see how you like it.

Take your ceiling height into consideration too, if you have a tall headboard you’ll have less space above it.Jennifer, HI..I just now bumped into your website, like what you are doing. Somewhere in the 20 inch wide range is probably where you should be looking, map it out with painter’s tape to see how you like it. A big question I get asked is what is the ideal art size above a king bed. But if you really want to hang something there, I’d go with something 20-28 inches tall and 45-60 inches wide. Hi Trisha!

Large modern abstract minimalist art prints for your coastal home decor.

It’s not really a lot of room, plus it’s a bedroom so it could be quite restful to have the open space.

Maybe above a couch or chair?Creating soothing art for busy people. Will a king size bed fit in a 10x14 room? Maybe I could make a resource out of it for everyone else!I would love to see something like this as it pertains to a couch. I think a king size bed is 76 inches so that’s as wide as I’d go with my frame, though you could stand to go less. What sizes do you recommend will look best as 3 photos hanging above a king size bed side by side?Hi Ashley! I’ve always had a unique way of seeing the world, often through rose-colored glasses, and always with an open heart.Can I use this on my blog as a reference? I am curious if I could use that as a part of my etsy site. I’m really not sure, I’m a photographer so my lab prints and stretches my canvases. It will definitely make a statement, but if your room already has a lot going on, it might be a bit much.Your best bet is to use painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall where you’d plan to hang them, then live with it for a few days and see what you think.I have a queen heardboard 64 inches. The ceilings are Cathedral and I’m told I need a large picture. A few small verticals could be nice, maybe three 11x14s in 16×20 frames.Your best bet is to use some really low tack painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall in different sizes to see what looks good. ?Hi Nancy, Without seeing the space, I’d think the larger size is too big, with the 24″ high piece being the maximum you should go.

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