what to put in rat litter box

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She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. Before using shredded newspaper or flyers in your rats’ litter box, confirm that they were printed using soy-based ink.It’s non-toxic so if your rats accidentally ingest some of the ink you don’t have to worry about them becoming ill. Shredded paper doesn’t control odors very well, so you will need to empty the litter box daily.You need to avoid using cedar and pine shavings because they emit aromatic phenols that are toxic for rats and other small animals. It might surprise you, but rats tend to respond quickly to the additional support.It won’t take long for ammonia to build up from urine and feces so it’s important to empty out the litter box regularly. For some, like my boys, they continue to pee elsewhere but they are still young so I know I still have time for them to catch on. If you move the box and see that your rats choose to continue using a particular corner, you may just want to go ahead and repeat the process a bit longer before moving the litter box again, or decide to leave the box in that particular corner permanently.5) If you have multiple levels in your cage, you may want to be sure that there is a potty spot (litter box) on each level. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 80,065 times. I got some new rats added to my mischief so that is where I am finding myself having to continue litter training.1.) If you can detect any bleach odor after washing then please run them through another complete cycle. Praise your rat when you see it using the litter box. Some suggested litters are soft corncob litter, crushed walnut shells, Swheat Scoop, and certain cat litter products. Place your rat(s) in the litter box to show them it’s there, and offer them praise and healthy treats when they use the litter box. It's difficult when they are young, but males will have fairly obvious testicles after they reach a few weeks of age. Before putting the litter box in your rats’ cage, wait a few days and look to see if there is an obvious spot your rats seem to prefer.This is where the litter box will have the most success being used. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. My rats, for example, caught on to pooping in the litter box very quickly since having a litter box in every corner meant that they couldn’t miss! You can put hay in the box to encourage the rabbit to use the box. Before you can think about training your rats, you need to choose a litter box and appropriate material to use as litter.There are plenty of commercial litter options available, but they aren’t created equally.

Rats tend to use the same spots so by placing their poo where you want them to go, they will start to associate.4) Once you see that your rats are pooping less and less outside of the litter box, or if you notice that they favor one corner (one litter box) over the other, you can then remove all the other temporary litter boxes throughout the cage and make the decision to either A) keep the litter box they do use in that particular location or B) move the chosen litter box to a location inside of the cage of your choice.

This can be a tedious task, but it’s important for showing your rats where they should be doing most of their business.If you catch one of your rats using the litter box, you can help encourage the behavior by giving them some positive reinforcement. Litter box training a pet rat has many advantages. Is there a way to encourage them to use the litter tray for weeing too? The rats may fight over territory, including their litter boxes. Pellets in general really work for pet rat litter in my opinion. Housing the Rat . Rodents are a lot lower to the ground and many of the popular cat litters contain a lot of dust. This mold forms new bacteria that could be harmful to your rats.

While I found this to be helpful, it just wasn’t enough- the message wasn’t quite as loud and clear as they made it sound to be. And I do mean every corner. It should also be wide enough that your rat can fit inside easily. To litter train a rat, set up the litter box in the part of the cage where your rat tends to eliminate.

Now I do, thanks!" By using our site, you agree to our As for the litter, I really like the So Phresh Paper Pellets. Everyday you will need to put all the rat "raisins" in the litter box. Then, fill it with a different bedding material than what you use for the rest of the cage to help your rat realize what the box is for. They’re usually odor free, dust free, and are easy to clean up. Additionally, gather up droppings from the cage and place them in the box so your rat can smell them, which will encourage it to use the litterbox. The answer to those two questions are, yes you can use cat litter for a rat or mouse litter tray, and no, you should not use it as a general lining for a cage. If you want, you can then put your rats in the box just to make sure they know where it is. Most people who use it with their rats appreciate that the product is soft and has a natural pleasant smell that doesn’t irritate their rats.If you’re looking to save money, shredded paper is the most cost-friendly option out there. With this in mind, some rats will prefer to do their own thing, and that’s fine too.Don’t try to force litter training, it will only add unnecessary stress to your rat’s life.A lover of animals, peace and quiet, and reading. Its even a work in progress for my rats who were being litter trained the same way as all those rats in the videos I found online. Put clean litter in and a small amount of soiled litter and some rat "raisins". Rats are, for the most part, easily trained to use a litter box. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.Litter Training Rats & Which Litter Is Good For Your Rat

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