what to say when buying syringes

Clerk straight up asks "you mean for a beer bong?" I have walked into Walmart with a straight face, asked for a box of spikes and gave them the details.WOW!!! I want 1/2cc long tip syringes."
Why do we waste our time going to pharmacies and begging for needles?I buy my supplies from a vet supplies store. Display an intent to remain private about what you're asking for, and they'll do the same. Or you could just say you're doing a mycology experiment and need syringes to inoculate your substrate with spore solution, I don't think many people automatically associate mycology with psychedelics. However, if we act hanky-panky, then their sensors are triggered.I will join the “they don't ask any question" bandwagon. If you’re thoroughly aware of the ins and outs of the syringes you need, then make sure you specify and give details, so that the pharmacist can provide the exact syringe you need. Finally, walk up to the counter at a drug store pharmacy and calmly say, "Hi, I need to purchase a bag of 10 (or 100) 1cc UltraFine syringes." I know there are a lot of pharmacies out there that will shit on you but the more consistent respect you show to them, the less push back you will receive. PHI is not contracted with any of the drug companies or products illustrated on this page, nor is PHI compensated in any way by any of the product manufacturers. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You can always discuss your preferences before asking for any recommendations.Stating your preferences also makes it easier and timesaving for the pharmacist to provide or recommend the most suitable one for you.Sharing your past experiences with syringes and what you liked or didn’t like can help the pharmacist make recommendations for you. Dress nicely. As for 1/2 or 1cc long or short tip 29 or 30 gauge needles. I have bought... OralSpinner. say you wanted to go into walgreens, rite aid or somewhere and buy syringes..what would you say if they asked what they were for? Anyone can't just buy the them, so what you have to do is find someone in your circle that's diabetic and can make that purchase for you.or someone that uses medications with a syringes. Well, if you had used needles before and knew the nitty-gritty’s, then head to your local animal store … Honestly there has been a big upswing in pharmacists becoming aware that it is much better to just sell an addict their syringes than for the addict to go without and reuse/ share them. 29-Jan-2002, 04:02 PM #3. needleboy. Some stores we have here that sell them are Walmart, Walgreens and CVS which is so far all I really know of. You have to have a need for syringes. I told her I hope she has a daughter and I end up fucking her and giving her HIV because I couldn't find clean needles, and you pharmacists with a holier than thou attitude make me sick. Unless you're picky about the type of gear and can't settle for something slightly different. Really, a new 29 or 30 gauge should do it. I'm not diabetic (or a drug addict) so I just need a good story, one that they won't say no to. Display an intent to remain private about what you're asking for, and they'll … Don't read it out to the pharmacist. They seem to be more interested in prosecuting drug paraphernalia than stopping the spread of bbv's.
Still, it’s always best to ask the pharmacists’ opinions too, as often they’ve been dispensing these syringes for years and have come to understand what suits who.We hope this has provided you with some confidence in what to say when buying syringes for diabetes.If you’re struggling to afford your prescriptions, then you could use our help. The pharm shouldn't be asking u what type of medication are going to be used but sometimes when they ask if u have a script it's cause that particular location might require u to have a script for insulin to purchase needles. The state I'm in is very clear that addicts are supposed to be able to get clean needles, but where I live you do have to be 18 and show ID- that is the only stipulation (and I actually think it is sort of stupid- "hey, if you are under 18 and an addict have fun getting HIV and Hep! Turn the brightness all the way up and hand it to the pharmacist so they can read it. However, in other states, one does require a script.I agree with what has been said above.

Just remain calm, don't try to hide your face or whisper. There is nothing to be shy about in talking about your diabetes journey to a pharmacist. In that case just say "Oh, no problem. That's all the information the pharmacist needs to know.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Guys, need your help. You can also get 1ccHere in England, once the dr'S know you, you just ask for new ones and trade the old in. Thanks so much :)This brings me back to high school when we would go to the hardware store and ask for a funnel, plastic tube/pipe, and a faucet. Registered: 01/22/03 Posts: 193,665 Loc: Pvt. [email protected] Bluelighter. First off I live in Idaho. Dress nicely. The 8-mm needle is called “short,” and is the needle length that most diabetes patients prefer.The barrel size of a syringe determines how much insulin it can hold. Syringes play an important role in the life of a diabetic patient. We have needle exchanges, but I live in a VERY sprawling metropolitan area, so it'd take me waaaaaay too long to get in touch with the right people. I prefer short tip to long tip. It will be up to the pharmacist as to whether or not they choose to fulfill your request. I just really don't want to people going through what I am going through right now. Be transparent about buying syringes for diabetes Be open to sharing your diabetes … They do ask a few basic questions for their records, and provide naloxone training and free blood tests if you want to. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.What to Say When Buying Syringes for Diabetes, Hints, Tips, GuideDue to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), customer service may be longer than expected, as our call volumes have been increasing. I told her I hope she has a daughter and I end up fucking her and giving her HIV because I couldn't find clean needles, and you pharmacists with a holier than thou attitude make me sick.

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