what was the purpose of aunt birte funeral

This makes it clear to Annemarie that it is not a question of not being old enough to know the truth, but a question of doing your best to protect the people you love.SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. That is a safe place from the Nazi's.Ch7 -Why did Mr. Johansen ask the girls if they saw anyone while playing near the shore?Mama must make sure they realize that even though they are out of Copenhagen, they are not completely safe. Verses 1 to 4 are quoted. Kirsti is playing with a kitten they found the day before. Johansen warned the Rosens that it is very dark on the trail.Ch12 Explain the following thoughts of annemarie, "It was harder for the ones who were waiting, Annemarie knew. How did Mama stop them?They wanted to make sure there was a dead body in it.

Annemarie takes Ellen to meet the cow, Blossom.

Her uncle says they will leave in the early morning and that he will stay on the boat that night. And too cruel" pg (87)?The German Soldiers/Nazis were so cruel to people/JewsWhat does the soldier's refusal to open the casket tell the reader about the soldier?The soldier is possibly afraid of a Typhus outbreakShe gives her Kirsti's favorite red sweater with heart buttonsCrying baby could possibly give away the Jews locationPeter and Mama's role is to lead the Jewish people out to Sweden in the boatsNo one knew everything that was going on so they were keeping themselves safeWhat do you think Annemarie means when she says "there were other sources, too, of pride, and they had not left everything behind"?The funeral offered an excuse for people to gather at the home making their escape easier She does not understand why no one seems sad. While they are joking, the entire war briefly seems like a made-up story. But Uncle Henrik's explanation of why it is best not to know too much shows Annemarie that it is hard for adults to be brave too. She fell asleep. how did annemarie pass the while waitng for her mother ? If mr. Johansen would've gone, it would've looked suspicious.Ch6 -Compare the area around uncle Henrik's farm in Gillelege to the Johansen's apartment in Copenhagen.The area around Henrik's farm is out in the country. "The girls spend the day playing outside. They all laugh at the idea of butter being marched away by soldiers.

Annemarie asks if they also "relocate" butter.

Annemarie begins to understand what he means when she remembers the time they encountered the soldiers. He asks if they have "prepared the living room." Henrik admits there is no great aunt, but for her sake he will say no more.The casket is placed in the living room. she would come back and see her again. The funeral is to be held in the traditional way—in a relative's home—that night. Annemarie does not reveal that there is no aunt Birte. Here again the war is equated with fiction or fairy tales. To ensure the best experience, please update your browser.Ch6 -Why were the girls kept home from school after the visit by the German soldiers?They were kept home because the Germans were probably checking for Jews there too.Ch6 -What made Annemarie realize that her father was speaking in code to her uncle, what was their conversation really about?They were taking about cigarettes but there hadn't been some in a while. When Henrik comes home, Annemarie hears him tell her mother that the next day "will be a day for fishing." How did Annemarie pass the time while waiting for her mother? Because there were many in CopenhagenCh7 -What's the danger in the girls talking to others?Ch7 -What does the sea represent for Ellen and her family?The sea is the path to get to Sweden. Why doesn't anyone go to defend mama?The soldier asks why the casket is closed, and Mama explains Great-Aunt Birte died of typhus and the doctors have warned them that the corpse could still be contagious.

Less dangerous, perhaps, but more fear.

The funeral offered an excuse for people to gather at the home making their escape easier. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... TKAM chapter 6-10. She answers that she is not very brave. For a day, or part of it, she is able to play outside without worries.The faked death of an invented person named Great-aunt Birte causes a new issue to surface for Annemarie. She is also quite positive that no such aunt ever existed, but she holds her tongue for the moment. This is a question that she does not want to hear or deal with. Aunt Birte's funeral is attended by a group of people Uncle Henrik will ferry across the water to freedom..... and safety. "Annemarie thought this when Mrs. Johansen took a really long time to get home from helping Uncle Henrik helping the Rosen family. The joking makes Annemarie feel that all guns and soldiers are "a ghost story, a joke with which to frighten children in the dark. She knows that her uncle and her mother are not telling her the truth, but she has no idea why. She has named him Thor, after the God of Thunder. Peter reads Psalm 147 at great-aunt Birte’s funeral service. They looked at each other for a long time and said nothing. They look at each other and Annemarie feels that they have become equals. She does not understand why no one seems sad. She yawned,and her head nodded.
Mrs. Johansen shows Annemarie a pitcher of fresh milk, which they have not had in a long time. She is also quite positive that no such aunt ever existed, but she holds her tongue for the moment.

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