when approaching a railroad crossing you need to treat it the same way you treat other intersections

Got a traffic ticket and ordered/referred by Court to do a traffic school or defensive driving online course? The sign before the tracks at a railroad crossing is a. Railroad crossbuck signs are found at most crossings.

You are legally required to yield the right-of-way to trains. True or false When approaching an intersection you will need to search the left front front and right - front zones to be certain they are open ... the next intersection beginning at 12 seconds ahead of time. If there is more than one track, the sign below the crossbuck will show the number of tracks at the crossing. ► Learn More

• In the event of a vehicle accident, drivers are legally obliged to stop if their vehicles has caused injury or damage.
Enroll Now ►for Ticket Dismissal, Point Removal and to avoid Car Insurance Premium hikes.Traffic School, Defensive Driving, Driver's Ed Course Test - Q&AsConsumer group says insurance companies often charge people who rent, rather than own, their homes more for auto coverage.

When approaching an intersection, you will need to search the left-front, front, and right -front zones to be certain they are open. Auto Insurance Quotes depend on several factors including your driving record & vehicle.

Looking for an affordable, quick and easy driving safety class?

BEFORE BUYING A CERTIFIED PRE OWNED WARRANTY USED CAR: Use car budget calculator - you can afford on used car • Choose appropriate car model • Check pre-owned car costs, fuel economy and other standard features • Purchase certified pre-owned car for manufacturer & additional extended warranty • Verify used cars documents - bill of sale, title transfers, duplicate title, license plate & registration • Get Best & cheap car insurance on used cars • Know service & vehicle history reports • Get used cars for sale nearby • Have pre purchase inspection - car exterior, interior, tyres & engine treat and uncontrolled intersection the same way you would a stop sign (true or false?) You should never drive around a malfunctioning gate it is extremely dangerous and illegal. Combining visual, mental, and physical distractions while driving can be deadlySleeping for less than 8-9 hours a night interrupts your circadian rhythms and impairs cognitive performanceDriving aggressively is taking control of the situation at handWhat are the three basic steps in the DDC Collision Prevention FormulaWhat three things do road signs do to promote the smooth movement of traffic?Road signs use color and shape to help you identify the type and purpose of the signA yellow-colored road sign indicates what type of road signA yellow pennant-shaped road sign indicates what type of road sign the sign before the tracks at a railroad crossing. True Treat an uncontrolled intersection the same way you would a STOP sign. #1 unsafe driving behavior that contributes to collisions and violationsThe law clearly states which driver has the right-of-wayStatistically speaking, your chances for a collision are highestTo prevent collisions and violations at intersections that have traffic signals, use the _________ to ensure the intersection is clear before you enterBefore passing another vehicle, the first major step is toIs it acceptable to increase the speed of your vehicle over the legal speed limit to pass or overtake another vehicleFollow the four Rs (Read, Right, Reduce, and Ride) when ____________________is the distance a vehicle travels from the moment an event occurs until you see it and become aware of the dangerTo make safe and proper turns, you should get into position to turn by getting into the correct turn lane in advanceImproper driving is the single most common cause of motor vehicle collisionsWe let someone or something else take control of the situationDriving to save lives, time, and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of othersA preventable collision is a collision in which the driver fails to do everything _____________________________ to avoid it.Every year you have what percent chance of being involved in a motor vehicle collision?What are the three basic steps in the DDC Collision Prevention Formula?Your attitude toward other drivers and driving usually indicates what your behavior will be when you are driving.

You should never pass a car when you are approaching a hill, a curve, an intersection, a railroad crossing or when other traffic approaching is close enough to present a hazard. true. be especially alert when you are following buses or trucks, which have to stop at railroad crossings even when gates are up and the warning lights are not flashing. at a 45-degree angle away from the tracks towards the direction of the train Be on the lookout for malfunctioning crossing gates and lights.

Therefore, what are your attitudesWhich one of the following is a way to focus your attention on driving so that you can recognize a hazard and understand the defense against itYour risk of being injured or killed in a collision decreases as your defensive driving behaviors increaseWhich one of the following is a reasonable defensive driving actionThe three stages of a collision include the vehicle crash, the human crash, and the external crashAt the moment of impact in a vehicle collision, unbelted occupants are still traveling at the vehicle's original speedSafety belts increase your chances of surviving a collision by more than ______________ percent.Safety belts and airbags together offer the best protection in a collisionYou should check your vehicle's oil level, washer fluid level, and tire pressure ___________________In the direction you want the front of the vehicle to goIf your vehicle begins to skid, you should turn the steering wheel __________________________When you approach a car using their high-beam lights, you should ______________________________When approaching a railroad crossing, you need to treat it that same way you treat other intersectionsIn heavy traffic areas, you should wave pedestrians across the street if there is no crosswalkIf an animal suddenly appears on the road in front of us, experts advise swerving to avoid hitting the animal.Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or all other drugsIf you find that you are becoming aggravated or choosing unsafe, aggressive behaviors, what three steps can you take to regain control?Inattention occurs when you are involved in secondary tasks.
... entering the intersection. true.

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