when to start handling baby budgies

That's the scientific facts but mentally and physically a budgie is NOT ready to parent babies until around 12-18 months of age. This rapid sexual development is a physiological adaptation to an arid environment and enables very young birds to reproduce quickly when conditions are favorable. "It helped me a lot in understanding about budgies, thanks a lot!"

She will generally pull the chicks in closer to her and keep them warm and safe. I also have a tray of seed down there for it to try, and some egg and biscuit mix ( wet or dry ). encouraging to read that the baby seems to be on track.

when can i start handling my baby parakeet? "Thank you for your simple but informative article. She may toss the shell out of the nest, move it aside or eat it for the extra calcium. Within a moment you will see the food in its crop. If food is collected there I gently remove it with the feather or toothpick and place baby back into the nest and check the next one. If it is early stages and you do not think the chicks are in any danger, changing the nestbox environment may have some effect. If the parent stays in the box and squarks its head off, try putting your hand in with palm facing down and back of hand upwards.
Wash and change water bowls twice daily, replace and top up food every day, change cage papers every day, offer your bird a bath/shower several times each week.

Females can talk too! When caring for newborn budgies, it is important to let the parents do the job that nature has had them doing for generations.

Formula for newly hatched chicks is the consistency of applesauce. I can take care of it." If you are sure the baby isnt being fed after a decent amount of time ( up to a full day ) you can feed it it's first feed yourself, but try to allow the parents all opportunities to do so first.

A budgie is weaned from its parents only at about six weeks after which it starts feeding and drinking on its own. Karen I know this took allot of thought and time to write up and I say thank you this will be invaluable to many who are starting out.thank you that has some great info and very helpfull.. i hope to breed and expand my little flock soon my avairy arives next week.. That was very well done Bubbles, you put a lot of work into it. She is generally more concerned about the safety of her chicks at this point and less likely to pluck. Start off with 10 minutes a day per chick, increasing the time once a week by a few minutes as each chick allows.

Leave him until he's 3 weeks old, and you won't need to supply extra heat. "I have a baby budgie and now I know how to take care of it. I have my first baby budgie (just two weeks old). Once the chick starts coming out of the nest on its own, provide a shallow dish of food and water at the bottom of the cage to help the weaning process.

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How can I tell if my budgie is healthy or unhealthy? This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. We want to supplement the feeding so these babies are tame and we have heard that you shouldn't handle the babies until they are around 2 weeks… I am also a bit afraid of having more bites and bloody fingers :rofl: Sorry if adding a question under the topic is against the forum rules , I can open it again in Breeding Help section , is there any way having her get used to regular checks and cleaning ? The chicks born into an aviary with many other birds have a lot to be wary of.

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