where can i watch the american version of sailor moon

In "Everything's Coming Up Rosey", they had to change the part where the foriegn man and students speak English to that they all speak French. Lita says she can't take a cat because of her mother's allergies. However, Queen Beryl and her evil forces were also sent to Earth and now they have reawakened. In the original, they say they've seen some girls who are "even better", and in the next scene they are looking at Haruka and Michiru. They shorten the scene of Rini pulling out the crystal power amplifier; you don't see her pull it out, just the resulting explosion. Rei: "Her stupidity won't get fixed unless she dies." When Makoto is attacked in the Japanese version, the daimon looks as if it is about to flash her, but then we see she is wearing a red dress. In the episode "Lita Borrows Trouble", Usagi and the other girls think that Mako has fallen for Haruka because of her boyish looks! In "The Shadow of Silence", the de-transformation scene where Haruka's whole backside, including her butt, is shown, was all dropped.

When Amy realizes that she is late for computer school and abandons the Sailor V video game someone yells "She had over 100,000 points!" In "Star Struck, Bad Luck", when the daimon attacks, it pulls apart its robe to reveal the star it uses to steal Heart Crystals is on its chest.

Then again, it is a magical whip... Then they reused the scene of Serena walking down the hall (the stain on her dress is back), to fill the extra time.

Makoto ("Lita") says she should be Snow White because she has the biggest bust in the original version of "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall".

i think i remember using this website years ago for adventure timeDid you try YouTube? Some things have to be changed. Ami: "You'll die." In Japanese, Minako suggests that Rei may be on a date with the girl! The English version is a bit confusing about whether Serena and Darien know each other because in this episode, Darien talks to Serena but in the next episode he doesn't seem to know her at all. In English he's just jealous out of frustration, or something. She doesn't specifically say that she had a vision, either.

When Elizabeth's heart crystal is out, and she almost kisses Makoto, she gets a lot closer than in the English version. In Japanese, Makoto has no parents and lives by herself. The daimon had only red stars on her breasts, and they made a bikini on her to make it more appropriate. Instead of saying "Oh look at the cute little family", Minako ("Mina") says "When did you have Mamoru's baby?" That's why she blushes when Haruka says she wants to be "closer friends". In the Japanese version, Serena is slapped a few times in episodes by Raye. In this episode, he recognizes Serena but doesn't know her name. Raye agrees to help Maya with her problem, but in Japanese it's actually the reverse - Maya agrees to help Raye by performing at the festival. In Japanese, she says that she might learn something from the contest. In "Destiny's Arrival", "Setsuna" is called "Trista".

In the original, she decides to drink one of the cocktails, which she thinks it's juice and becomes slightly drunk. The syndicated version (DiC English version) has segments called "Sailor Moon Says" which contain a message from today's episode.

It seems they forgot that her brother is Andrew. Tuxedo Mask stops her. When it was shown as a part of the Toonami block on Cartoon Network, the intro sequence was not shown (as was commonplace for shows that aired as a part of this block.) Suddenly, when they get to the front of the embassy, Serena is holding a pink parasol. Later, Sailor Venus says "Sailor Moon turned into Queen Serenity". The "Ambassador of Good" suddenly becomes the "Legendary Princess" who was called the "legendary messiah" in Japanese. At the beginning they go to great effort to make it a "Friendship" contest, but then the part where Amara is embarrassed to call out Michelle's name doesn't make sense. In fact, you can already watch the first four episodes subtitled right now on Hulu, with two more being added every week! Raye also decides to take a bath. Fairly little is cut as far as actual footage goes, with the exception of some partial nudity. In the edited version, the cats remark that the Sailor Scouts have just lost their memory. It's in the rules.thanks a lot!

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