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Bottlenose dolphins dwell in all the oceans around the globe. This is one of the smallest types of dolphins in the world. There are three main species of dolphin, which are the bottle nosed dolphin, the Atlantic spotted dolphin, and the Amazon River dolphin. The bottlenose dolphin prefers to live in warmer waters. Dolphins live in all oceans of the planet and even in some important rivers. While not all species of dolphins live everywhere, there is a species for each environment. They band together in social groups called pods, and hunt for food such as Like bats, dolphins use a sonar-type form of communication called echolocation to find their prey.They are known to follow fishing boats to feed on discarded fish, and jump vertically out of the water to survey their surroundings.They are highly intelligent animals and popular at marine exhibits and parks for their entertaining agility and crowd interaction.Dolphins inhabit a wide range of the world’s oceans.Most dolphins live in the shallow waters of the ocean’s continental shelves, both in tropical and more temperate waters.There are also lesser-known species of dolphins that live in rivers of the world located in China, South America, India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia.Some of the larger species of dolphin such as the killer whale may be found living further out (away from the coastline) in deep ocean waters.With over 40 species throughout the world, dolphin populations and species are found in many locations.The largest of the dolphin species is the Orca or killer whale, which is mostly located in the cold polar waters.Because of their massive size, they prefer deeper water, but can sometimes swim into bays of shallow water.One of the dolphin species common to Ireland and Great Britain is the The Humpback Dolphin ranges from the west coast of to northern Australia to southern China.Other river dolphins include the endangered Finless Porpoise, native to Southeast Asia, and the Tucuxi, which is found on the eastern coastlines of South and Central America, and thrives in both fresh and salt water.Certain species of dolphins have shown a tendency to live in warmer or more temperate climates.Dolphins that prefer to live in coastal waters may feed on plankton or other local prey that is abundant in the shallow offshore coastal waters instead of the colder and deeper waters.Some dolphin species like the orca or killer whale have evolved to thrive in colder regions by developing a thicker layer of blubber or insulating fat to stay warm in cold ocean waters.Different dolphin species have adapted to thrive in both tropical and cold regions all over the world.While most species of dolphins ar known to inhibit coastal, offshore and river habitats there is a species of These dolphins are known to make seasonal migration trips when the heavy rain season causes water to rise throughout the amazon making more areas of the amazon accessible for these dolphins.When the water rises these dolphins leave their local rivers and travel around meeting and hanging out with other dolphins and will navigate various parts of the amazon until the rain season ends.Once the waters begin to subside these dolphins will travel back to their local rivers and wait for the next rain season to occur.Amazon river dolphins average 5 – 8 ft. long when fully grown and can weigh up to 450 lbs., although most dolphins weigh closer to 180 – 220 lbs.These dolphins have a long beak that helps them capture prey in narrow places and a triangular dorsal or hump around the middle of its back.In terms of color the amazon river dolphin can be white, yellow, pink, brown, gray or black.Among these colors it is believed that the “pink dolphin” is the most popular of the group.During mating periods pink dolphins have been observed being attacking by other dolphin due to the female dolphins attraction towards them.When it comes to food the primary diet of the amazon river dolphin consists of The types of prey these dolphins hunt are largely determined by their area so it is common for these dolphins to consume These high-pitched sounds can also be used for echolocation which can help these dolphins navigate the ocean and find prey, even in complete darkness.In addition to housing the amazon river dolphin the amazon is home to 1/3 of the worlds known species and diverse wildlife.In fact the amazon is home the Piranha, Toucan, Anaconda, Jaguar, Spider Monkey, River Otter and the Anteater among other exotic animals, reptiles and fishThe amazon river itself is the 2nd largest river in the world (second to the Nile) and spans more than 2,700,000 square miles and stretching from Peru to Brazil.This rain-forest is known for its year-long rain and warm climates that can range from 70° f – 90° f depending on the time of the year.Although the rain-forest has what some refer to as a dry season it rains all year long, but slows down in terms of rain fall between June and November.Lastly, the rain-forest is a major waterway for many people allowing various countries, communities and locals to transport food, goods and other necessities to one another.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Bottlenose dolphins have worldwide distribution. The bottlenose dolphin prefers to live in warmer waters.Dolphins can at times be found in rivers as well. Dolphins are mammals who live in oceans and some rivers.

Whereas other dolphins that will feed on lesser organisms will tend to spread farther out within the ocean range to acquire these sources. dolphins live in the ocean. Orcas and long-finned pilot whales can be found in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Most normal dolphins would reject such habitats, as they are built for the vast strides of the open Ocean. Their limits are the cold temperatures of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans where the water temperature is freezing. Another example, Dolphins that love to feed on planktons are often attracted to the coastal areas. Scientists speculate this due to either a strong attachment to the niche, or initial habitat, or simply because they know that life within the seas are slightly more perilous than those in the river.This is ironic however due to the fact that over the decades Without the proper funds, Government influence and support, regulations and prohibitions, need to be enforced by local Governments.

What is the Difference of a Dolphins or a Porpoises So unless something can be done these creatures known as the river dolphins will fade quietly into history. The fourth species, the La Plata Dolphin, lives in salt-water estuaries and near-shore marine environments. Specifically one of the best-known species, the bottlenose dolphin lives in every ocean of the world except the Arctic and the Antarctic oceans. However, it is scientifically classed in the river dolphin family rather than the oceanic dolphin family. These dolphins live in areas such as northern Namibia, Cape Province, and along the African Coastline.

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