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Diagrams. Help Center. Which of the following arguments would not fit into this argument?The idea that laws should take precedence over arbitrary governanceThe Articles of Confederation established a _____________, in which the legislative body consisted of only one house.The inability of the government to exert any real power in the running of the nationThe creation of a weak central government under the Articles of Confederation was a logical step for the new nation given that:The colonists had rebelled against the absolutism of the British governmentThe existence of the Internal Revenue Service is an example of Congress's:The Framers of the Constitution worked to find a balance between:The authority of the states and the authority of the central governmentThe function of government to manage and resolve conflict takes place through the process of:The official resolutions adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in 2008 and 2009 concerning the historical relationship between the government and African Americans included all of the following EXCEPT:A resolution to provide reparations for descendants of slavesThe construction of a group of people of various phenotypes, skin colors, and physical characteristics for political and social purposesThe sociopolitical philosophical tradition supporting the exclusion of large segments of the American population from participation in the political system is known as:The U.S. Congress provided an apology and reparations to which of the following groups?The U.S. Congress' Naturalization Act of 1790 pronounced that:Only free White persons were eligible for citizenshipThe U.S. government is an example of which type(s) of democracy?To protest the Tea Act in 1773, colonists disguised as ____________ boarded ships in Boston Harbor and threw tea chests overboard.The body of political philosophy concerned with the idea that rule by the people should be indirect through representatives is known as:Under the Constitution, the amendment ratification process:Is difficult and allows a small minority of states to veto any changesPowers of the federal government specifically stated in the ConstitutionThose rights to which everyone is entitled and that are independent of governmentWhat factors contributed to the broad-scale institution of slavery in Virginia by 1661?A system in which states and other governmental units organize a weak central government while maintaining ultimate power for themselvesIt establishes that the Constitution and the laws of the United States are the law of the land and supreme to all laws passed by the state and local governmentsWhen a government provides for the public good, it:Creates policies that benefit society as a whole, rather than specific individualsWhen did the first Africans arrive in the American colonies?Which central questions fueled the American Revolution?What characteristics do all classical liberal theories share?Optimism about individual behavior, individual favored over the group, free-market economy, reason before religious faithWhich clause gives Congress the authority to make essential and appropriate laws to carry out its enumerated responsibilities?Which compromise resolved the issue of how to count slaves for representational purposes?Which group was in favor of the ratification of the Constitution?Which of the following is an example of direct democracy?Which of the following doctrines aided in the justification of the exclusion of women from the political system?Which of the following was not a power of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation?Which of the following helped to expose the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?Which of the following plans proposed a system of government with a strong central government with three branches, and a legislature with proportional representation?Which of the following plans proposed a system of government that maintained a confederation with a unicameral legislature with equal representation for each state?Which of the following was a direct effect of the Three-Fifths Compromise?Slaveholding states had significantly more representation in the House than they would have if slaves were not countedWhich of the Founders posited the belief that Blacks were innately inferior to Whites and called on science to demonstrate this inferiority?Which Parliamentary act was the first to impose a direct tax on the colonists?Which Supreme Court ruling resulted in a broad interpretation of the necessary and proper clause?Why were the Antifederalists opposed to the Constitution?

. and pushed some to radically rethink the nature and structure of the government of the fledgling union. . To ensure the best experience, please update your browser.Why did it take the Continental Congress several years to ratify the Articles of Confederation?Disputes over western land claims led some states to block ratification.Why was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 significant?It prohibited slavery in the territory and earmarked funds from land sales for public schoolsWhich of the following states were eventually created out of the Northwest Territory?Why were the land ordinances of the 1780s considered a great accomplishment of the Confederation Congress?The ordinances provided for orderly settlement and created a fair process for those areas to eventually become fully equal states.Which of the following statements characterizes postwar trends in American trade?The war had crippled American shipping, which reduced the export of tobacco and other farm goods.Which of the following issues formed the basis for the major political and economic challenges that faced postrevolutionary state governments in the 1780s?Plentiful but worthless paper currency and big debtsWhat did Shays's Rebellion, which took place in Massachusetts in the winter of 1786-1787, demonstrate to American political leaders?A stronger national government was needed to solve the nation's monetary problems.The Great Compromise led to which of the following outcomes?A bicameral legislature with a House of Representatives and a Senate.The three-fifths compromise dealt with which of the following issues?Which constitutional provision demonstrated the framers' lack of trust in the "people"?The Constitution, as completed on September 17, 1787, gave the national government which of the following?Broad powers over taxation, military defense, and commerceWhy were Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut among the first to ratify the United States Constitution?These states wanted a strong government to counter the power of the larger states.American antifederalist Patrick Henry opposed the ratification of the Constitution for which of the following reasons?He feared high taxes, a large bureaucracy, and a standing army.In Federalist No. . A system in which governmental units and states share power with a central governmentAt the time of the founding of the new nation, Britain had what form of government?Based on the 1790 U.S. Census, the National Archives estimates that only 20.7 percent of the U.S. population were White males 16 years and older.

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