which of the following would be covered under the film coverage form

That third party is called the George accidentally hits Elaine's car with his car. Bodily injuries and property damage occur when an insured is involved in an accident while driving co-workers to their job as part of a share-the-expense car pool. Under the loss sustained version of commercial crime coverage forms, the policy will cover losses sustained during the policy period and discovered either during the policy term or no later than which of the following? An agreement between the insured and the insurer that certain conditions will be met is which of the following? The primary purpose of insurance is to which of the following? A loss discovered during the policy period will be covered even if it was sustained years earlier. Check these out: Which of the following could not be covered under a dwelling policy? Which of the following have special loss valuation requirements under the Building and Personal property coverage form? Personal auto policy endorsement that eliminates most policy exclusions applicable to autos that are furnished or available for the regular use of the named insured or family members. Injury for such things as libel, slander, false arrest, or invasion of privacy The commercial property building and personal property coverage form includes the following additional coverages: debris removal, preservation of property, fire department service charge, pollutant cleanup and removal, increased cost of construction, and electronic data. When the insured fails to pay his taxes, the IRS confiscates and sells his car. Which of the following statements applies to mechanical breakdown coverage? A representation is a statement in an application that the insured believes is true.

He trades in his car and purchases a new private passenger auto as a replacement vehicle. A person whose two-year-old car is totaled in an accident will be paid the value of that car, not the amount required to purchase a new car. In addition to maximum floor space, the BOP eligibility rules limit eligible risks to what maximum? The dwelling on the residence premises C. An attached garage D. Lumber in the insured's yard to be used to build a deck off the kitchen
In most states, this is an illegal practice known as

In the event of a physical damage loss that makes a covered auto unavailable for a period of time, a personal auto policy will provide coverage for transportation expenses at the rate of $20 per day up to how much? Which of the following are usually excluded under Coverage A of the Commercial General Liability policy? How much coverage does Vanessa have for property damage liability?

Which of the following businesses might be covered under a Garage coverage form?

Under the additional coverages of the Business owners property coverage, property removed to protect it from loss will be covered at another location for up to how many days? Both Walt and Joanna are listed in the declarations of the policy that insures the business, with Joanna's name appearing first. Damage to a covered auto while being used as part of a car pool When an insurance policy is cancelled before its expiration date, any premium paid for insurance that will not be provided(unearned premium) must be returned to the insured. If the insured meets the coinsurance requirements and costs are $2,500 or less Which of the following would be considered mobile equipment under the Commercial General Liability coverage form? Computer hardware that is specifically scheduled B. Business owners property coverage is written on an open peril basis. Select all that apply. Type of law imposed on those involved in activities considered especially hazardous, such as activities involving dangerous materials, hazardous operations, and dangerous animals.
A factory worker fractures her arm while working overtime on the assembly line.

The only significant difference between the occurrence and claims-made forms of general liability insurance is found in which of the following? Which of the following would be included in an unendorsed Business Auto coverage policy?

It also authorized to do business in Georgia. Your MCP shows symbol 61 (any auto) in the declarations.

Motorist who has less insurance than required by the state's financial responsibility law.

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