why are my budgies dying

(With her out of the nest, Aidan thinks she's all his! Very good sources include green peas and carrots.BUT when things go " pear shaped" in nests I immediately put Triple C in the water to cover any infections going on. (So 3 chicks and 1 egg, and 3 deaths in this nest, plus 1 clear egg that was removed)At this point, I would really love to feel joyful and stupid at the same time! The vet was having a long day, and wasn't able to get back to me until 9pm, but I truly appreciate him calling me, when I'm sure he wanted to get home. Like that, i can interpret. But if French moult is added to the mix, it makes sense that these chicks would be the ones harder hit than most.Also, the consensus with my other hen was that it didn't really seem like French moult. If the hen has not been adequately prepared before putting down to breed she may well produce eggs but the chick quality and subsquent survivability will be low. (Still using the light 24/7 though. She's had one month to "recover", and I'm planning to give her another one before I re-evaluate her and post more pictures. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that all the remaining chicks in that nest are doomed. It might even be accidental poisoning. Fresh food and water,No smells, no drafts,played with it !

I thought I had good plans for how to feed/care for my birds, in order to have success breeding, but I have made a few glaring mistakes, that have caused what I guess is a cycle of undernourished hens producing undernourished eggs, which hatch, but do not have the means to survive very long, since the hens thus provide sub-standard care.Kaz, you have a good point about an autopsy, but for this round, I am going to figure that it's probably Oh, I think the toenails were red. About a week to a week and a half old, one is rung, both are active and fed very well. Help! In Aveline's situation, the youngest chicks are fed and seem okay, maybe not the best fed, and maybe on the small side. I bought my first budgie and starter kit ( pen,seeds,treats,etc) and about two weeks later it died !

The way to fight dehydration is to try and provide adequate fresh water and a good quality scource of vitatmins and minerals in the diet. Apart from that I have no answers for you on the colour of the body.okay ive just read over your post sorry took me so long ive been flat outIf i had to take a stab at it, looks to me like internal hemorrhaging. Even in pet stores you should watch out if theres anything near the food that can be harmful to the bird.Aspergillosis could also be the case; this is brought about by the respiration of spores like fungus. I do use the tap water to wash and rinse things, though. Today I'm letting her have a little less covering on her cage, to try to ease her back into normal, a little. I would think that treated water would tend to be safe. I've called the Health Department, about getting my well water tested. Maybe the shop that you buy your budgies from is not a good one, and the budgies they sell there are all very ill. don't pamper so much. We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures (Quran 21:107) There is no creature on [or within] the earth or bird that flies with its wings except [that they are] communities like you. And I have noticed they look a little unusual, from what few chicks I have experience with. My birds get rainwater from our tank, just because that is the closest tap.further tests revealed it had come from the town water source out of the taps I'm familiar with Giardia in dogs, which is also supposed to be quite frustrating to deal with. Exposure to sunlight or equivalent. (So 1 chick and 1 egg, and 6 deaths in this nest. Just my thoughts.ADDITIONALLY............you have had enough deaths to warrant the expense of an autopsy. (They were still at the top of the bin, and they still looked like they did when I found them. It seems to help. It is difficult to deal with the death of your baby budgies. But I really don't want to mess up the only two healthy chicks that look like they will live. )I'd like to know if anyone else has had a dead chick like this, and if you recognize why it turned like this.I called an avian vet office as soon as I found it, because I felt that this was a more extreme case than the others, which I chalked up to poor mother-care, or just not being fit to survive. But that didn't seem to get it warm enough, either, so now I am putting it under the whole tank. Because some of my chicks are looking like that in my colony breed situation.

)I think Finnie was just run down. They need natural lighten as well. )I think Finnie was just run down. I have had them for around 12 months. I bought my first budgie and starter kit ( pen,seeds,treats,etc) and about two weeks later it died ! So far the pattern is this: they hatch, live about a week, and then die.Teagan's situation is a little different. So I looked for a bigger heating pad.

Clean the cage often, make sure your dog doesn't attack the budgies, and check if they are eating/drinking properly. If your still not sure go somewhere else.

:( it was very sad. But then a check with a different thermometer made me realise that it was really higher than that. And if I hand feed one, I am always worried about it by the time I get it back into the nest, and then the dumb mother is out in the cage eating, and she doesn't get back in there as quickly as I wish she would.

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