why is my pool water not blue

Please helpI also have a cloudy pool, running the filter 24/7. Let’s say your pool is roughly 75,000 gallons. But there is still a complex swirl of activity going on in there, and part of that is pressure. [social_warfare buttons=”Facebook, Twitter”] Whether it is cloudy judgments, cloudy weather, or cloudy pools, ‘cloudy’ isn’t a word that is typically used in a positive manner. Today, I added clarifier. Thanks.Hi, I have a 12’ pool, added clarifier to it, then thought I’d flocc it as I had used channel water to fill, The flocc has worked a treat! In most cases, the pump is still doing its job, but the dirty filter media is slowing down the return of water to the pool causing your pool to become cloudy.If you backwashed your D.E. We are still struggling with the milky look, levels are great. )Insects and small animals will always find their way into your pool eventually, but the biggest things to keep an eye out for is droppings, particularly bird poop.

Any help would be great!! The only thing to do is remove the filter’s sand to inspect the parts for hairline cracks.I had the same issue.. come to find out that it was a cracked lateral in my filter and sand was going back into the wate. There are different levels of cloudiness and most often the cause determines the appropriate treatment. Yup, not only are you responsible for the things you put into your pool, you’re responsible for the things Mother Nature puts in, as well.Hopefully, you’ve determined why your pool is cloudy and you’re ready for treatment. Video of the Day Volume 0% I’ve tried balancing levels, and they are all good. *wink wink*This one involves getting your giant spoon out and stirring your pool like the BFG. And yes, it goes from bad to worse.Personally, I’d break it down into three categories: 1. Added clarifier a few days ago and nothing has changed.Where you able to fix your issue? filter regularly. I run my sand filter 12 hours at night. It has been a chore to get the pool going this year – trying to do it without emptying since I am on a community well.

I am back washing twice daily and getting results.We had an issue with metal in the pool that rusted and we were able to fully resolve it. According to Dr. Paul Coxon, in a CNN.com article titled Why are swimming pools usually blue, the molecules of water absorb red light and reflect blue light. I work at a public pool and that morning they dumped in soda ash and it was cloudy the rest of the day, barely clearing up. Hazy: The pool water isn’t clear anymore. Flat. This bottleneck not only prevents the water from being properly cleansed, but it can also cause physical damage to your filtration system.Pool filters share a similar rating system to pool pumps as they’re rated in gallons per minute (GPM) per square foot. I am concerned about the cloudiness as my pool was crystal clear prior to adding the shock. Or does it matter? Around 20 psi. Ask yourself, are you running your filter long enough? Then you can give your cartridge a chemical soak to clean it thoroughly; hopefully, that will fix any filtering issues. I can see the bottom but Its well–cloudy. Just add water! (Yeah, I said poop. Is your filter clean? Other pools in the area do not exhibit the same reactions – any idea why this might be specific to mine ? (If you want to nerd out on the specifics of how this works, When it comes to pool chemistry, pool flocculant works similarly to pool clarifier in that it clumps those pesky particles together to make them easier to remove, except it does have one distinct difference.Rather than work with your filter to eventually remove the particle clumps, flocculant attracts them to the bottom of your pool where they’ll need to be removed via vacuuming.There’s a few important points to note about this process:Well, simply put, it clears your cloudy pool water fast. I have used a clarinet but nothing changes. I had read on a different manual to do stain ban and Clarifier before shock. Have you ever seen a glass of water turn blue because it is outside? This morning my pool is cloudy. was going into the pool. All of the ideas are possible, but my situation is a little different. Regarding chlorine tabs, I have heard big box store brands tend to be low quality.I would read the reviews, and then make your pick of the one you feel comfortable with. “You notice the blue effect when you have a large volume of water because of the way molecules are slightly absorbing light from the red end of the spectrum,” Coxon says. This is my first time on here “) We have had alot of rain this month and I have been on top of my water for the most part. By vacuuming out the dirt in your pool, it does not run through the filter system.

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