why was the public outraged at the painting le dejeuner sur l'herbe

The ground has come through. “What Manet does [in Art historians—most notably, Michael Fried—have cited Manet’s varied source materials to interpret the painting. The two men, dressed as young Despite the mundane subject, Manet deliberately chose a large canvas size, measuring 81.9 × 104.1 in (208 by 264.5 cm), normally reserved for historical, religious and mythological subjects.A nude woman casually lunching with fully dressed men was an affront to audiences' sense of propriety, though There is much not known about the painting, such as when Manet actually began painting it, how he got the idea and how and what sort of preparatory works he did.The figures of this painting are a testament to how deeply connected Manet was to What many critics find shocking about this painting is the interaction, or lack thereof, between the three main subjects in the foreground and the woman bathing in the background.

The academy ranked historical scenes first, followed by portraiture, landscape, and finally still lifes. Le Dejeuner sur l herbe English: Dinner on the Grass is an 1865 - 1866 oil on canvas painting by Claude Monet, produced in response to the 1863 work of Le dejeu The painting “remains precious to us because it gives us the chance to reflect ourselves. The painting was rejected by the salon that displayed painting approved by the official French academy.
Nor was the critic who described the picture as "a young man's practical joke" altogether wrong, for though Manet's friend Antonin Proust claimed that what inspired it was the sight of two women bathing in the Seine, and though real-life people feature in it with photographic clarity (his regular model Victorine Meurent, his brother Gustave, his wife-to-be Suzanne and her brother), it's a highly playful and allusive work, as much a reference to previous art (Goya, Raimondi, Courbet) as a study of contemporary life. Today, 'Luncheon on the Grass' (or 'Le déjeuner sur l'herbe') is regarded as 19th century French painter Édouard Manet's greatest triumph.
The painting features a nude woman casually lunching with two fully dressed men. It depicts a female nude and a scantily dressed female bather on a picnic with two fully dressed men in a rural setting. What will happen when they return to Paris? "We must accept our own times and paint what we see," Manet said, but he saw the present through dead men's eyes. In her essay “Sex and the Salon,” Elizabeth Anne McCauley writes that the day’s serious art journals didn’t even report on the Salon des Refusés, while “coverage in the large Parisian dailies or weeklies was…much better.” The “serious” art critics, in other words, were quickly losing cultural sway to new writers from a variety of backgrounds. Laughter as a response represses the sexual tension and makes the scene rather unthreatening to the viewer in the end.Zola presents a fictionalised version of the painting and the controversy surrounding it in his novel By quoting other masterworks spanning centuries and nationalities, Manet augured a major modernist enterprise. Her body is starkly lit and she stares directly at the viewer. I don't remember being shocked by it, as visitors to the so-called Rejected by the jury of the 1863 Salon, Manet exhibited Le déjeuner sur l’herbe under the title Le Bain at the Salon des Refusés (initiated the same year by Napoléon III) where it became the principal attraction, generating both laughter and scandal. Certainly Manet's painting, more than most, invites us to participate: the man and woman on the left look at us even as we look at them. Artists from around Europe submit their landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and historical scenes for consideration.

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