will a possum kill a full grown chicken

I can’t afford to “be nice” to him and him take out my remaining sweeties.Could be a racoon killing your chickens and the possum comes around to clean up. If it’s not mating season, you will be sure that they are after your chickens. Also, if they only eat the eggs, you will know it’s them by the slimy, mushy mess that they make and leave behind. I was thinking, “When do I move to Alaska?” (This is not a negative remark. I never could have foreseen that level of strength. ive used it for horses, if you rig up the elec around the coop with insulators, and around the pen on step in posts , ground it well with three ground rods and put a gate handle on the strand across the door you use.. they wont mess with it, one hit and they take offlost 4 chickens last night. But now from a few new arrivals (mostly urban folks who’ve moved to the country) I’m hearing tales about these “nasty possums” attacking and killing their chickens. These are signs that will help you determine who the culprit is behind the killing. Sadly, she was too damaged to save, and I had to put her out of her misery on the woodblock. The head is gone. Rat snakes mostly eat freshly hatched chicks or eggs. ?Wow, 100? We have had an issue with rat snakes this year.We found a dead chicken today just outside of our fence. Ms. Possum was attacking one of our full grown hens. Nothing is left but the bones and the skeleton is intact. A snake can fit through a hole that is the size of ¼ inches diameter or smaller depending on the exact size of the snake.Crows are somewhat like hawks but not as vicious. My daughter lost three last night. Possums may serve a purpose, but I’m not feeling charitable.me either. When we go out to hunt them at night, they do not act in the normal manner we had been used to. The awful smell will travel your way, and you will know that it’s time to check your chickens. As stated possums will only eat the soft neck parts and leave the rest at the spot where they kill it, racoons drag the birds off and eat.I have had chickens for years and encourage possums to include us in their foraging circuit. My little dog is actually very friendly with our chickens and will even go in their coop when I’m feeding.However, her mom tries to chase them constantly so I have to keep her out of the coop for security reasons.I do not like coyotes one bit. For eating the ticks and such around the property, we invested in guineas and no longer allow possums in our area. She ended up dying a couple days later. In any case, they don't normally consume the whole bird. We have a dog and were hoping that she would be enough to scare them away, but nope. My poor rooster was in shock and died about a week later. I know they have certain benefits to being around, but when they become a nuisance and start costing me money via eggs and chickens…they are soup. Let this remind you that if you see a stray cat hanging around your flock it needs to go.Cats are great hunters and will easily kill a chicken. Now, I went out yesterday and found Fluff ripped apart, foot missing feathers everywhere. HugsJust read your post of just finding feathers. Even though a crow can take off with your chicken to their nest or elsewhere, they still leave a little behind. A full grown Jersey Giant rooster, for example, can easily weigh 13 pounds. Generally speaking, chickens are said to be adults when they reach the point of sexual maturity and begin laying eggs. They have a long pointed face with a pink nose, black eyes and a long hairless tail. There are always 10 or more baby chicks ruining around as well. On the up side possums are easier to cull down than coons.

We have been very fortunate to have very few chicken predators around our area. We have approximately 60 adult hens and 5 roosters.

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