willys jeep engine numbers

serial number: 8305 213321.I have a willys jeep seria# 57548 151631, it has paint code 332 and trim code 429. Can anyone tell me the year?Anyone want to Decode a Kaiser Serial # for me? can this number be matched with a serial number? The rest I can’t seem to figure out.

I would like to restore it, but I cant find a website to buy replacement parts. This is the serial #. It also came with a hardtop that some sites have been calliing a “artic” top but I think it is a DJ top.Hi. The serial number is 57548 126683.I have a Jeep Serial Number of 5754831684. Below are a few CJ-5 related links for information. David Delight says: July 15, 2014 at 10:16 am I have a cj5 that has all of standard equipment for the Tuxedo Park Mark IV on it. THANK yOUI have a chance to buy a Willys wagon. located on dashboard & left side under hood. It is probably within the year range 1962-71.

Jeep Chassis Numbers – WILLYS MB Chassis Numbers for 1941 – 100001 to 109920. in. I recently acquired a partial Willy’s, found this number on it: 55268-42724. These numbers don’t match anything that I can find for 1949.Hello, I recently acquired a Willy’s Jeep, but am unsure of some things. Serial number is: 57548119422. Visit Welcome to the Kaiser Willys Blog, where you'll find photos, history, parts Q&A, and technical advice for your Willys Jeep restoration projects! top front is 52″ wide not the 59″ of my jeep, 3 large windows in all.

The engine number was located at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss. Willys Jeep Production Figures & Serial Numbers : Thanks to Derek Redmond, creator of The CJ3B Page for letting me duplicate this list, thanks to Charlie Weaver for transcribing it, and thanks to Norton Young, the Willys employee who kept them. The vin # is 4-63 82262. Also, the #1 out front is lighter, offset, and a slightly different font. Could the original owner order it this way? […] Identify your Willys Jeep | Kaiser Willys Blog […]Have a Willys Jeep for sale or looking for one to buy? An exception to this is the first 100 or so 1945s where the frame tag is on the inside frame horn reinforcement like the MBs. I want it’s soft top, and also wanna know it’s model number, I mean its cj3, cj5 or other model number. Can anyone tell me what year this jeep is.Hi Russ, You are correct that your Jeep is a CJ-5. My grandfather worked at his brother in law’s dealership and picked up the car and delivered it to the owner. large rear window that lifts, sliding glass in doors. Windshield wipers on the bottom and tire mounted read center.

Any one know please guide.

Below are a few links related to the vehicle. located on dashboard. I just bought my first Willy’s Jeep, but I don’t have a clue what year or what model it is.

The Vintage Jeep Barn: CJ-3A CJ-3A

Any help is extremely appreciated.

The casting numbers on an engine or block can be used to help determine what engine your vehicle has. Thanks for any insight you can give us.I just purchased my first Jeep and it’s supposed to be a 1963 model.

I always thought that the Tuxedo Park S/N # started with 8322? Dad bought this new in 1963 but hard to find any info.

I need some help with identification on a Willy’s, engine block # gpw-94732. We do however have a number stamped on the engine block that reads 641087-L-W10-A N1-CA N2. Thanks so much! Identification number: 5754818221.My dad (age 99) has had what I always thought was a CJ5 Jeep. Any clarity? Only Number he can find is near the Battery box M28280 on a tag. The cast number is 641097-L, , the 9 might be a 8. The frame stamp is on the passenger side near the tub in the top of the frame rail.I just inherited a Jeep from my grandpa.

I have a frame rail number stamped 104780. the engine number above the water pump is 4J215587. How do I find out what year it is?Please advise me, where i can locate Chassis No of WILLYS Jeep CJ-3B 1956 model.Hey guys i bought this jeep this year and i just want to know if this is a willys or not ???

There were also three type of stampings used on the Ford GPW, it is unclear as to why or which dates they were used.While every effort has been made by our researchers to make the information as accurate as possible, some of the Military Jeep records are unclear others incomplete. Thanks.I’ve got a title for my recently purchased jeep that says it was first registered in AZ in December of 1953.

I had it bored 40 over rebult the complete engine and i can not get it to run . The casting numbers are part of the engine casting and are not stamped onto the metal of the block like a serial number. Only numbers I can find are on chassis MB253210 and engine number MB153015. We have spark and fuel, we have checked the timing numerous times and still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated, I can send/email pictures to anyone.

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