winter sun ending

He spends his 20 years in prison and returns to Istanbul to take his revenge.Mazhar (Mahir Gunsiray): Mazhar is the business partner of Yakup.
I am very picky and have high standards regarding what I watch and this did not disappoint. Knowing that only 50 episodes are currently available on Netflix, trying to draw out the last 3. Favourite character Fatma!Maybe this is the reason for watching Turkish dramas. Episode 2 46m. It is a wonderful thing for Netflix to embrace all cultures and people and help viewers travel; see and experience strange and distant lands through the Lens of a movie! spoiler. Also, I have not been a fan of Turkish music but I thought the main song to this drama was really nice.

Once I start I like to finish but this one has taken me forever. In a car accident, Efe’s father is murdered and Efe becomes the only witness to the murder. I applaud the Turkish TV and movie industry. Idea Bouncing! God bless all the Babams and the Olos. I’ve seen in one of the comments here that it has 59.musical score riffs sound stolen from Jesus Christ SuperstarA great tv series. !No doubt this gotta be my 2nd fav Turkish soap opera after Kurt Seyit ve sura thus far. I enjoyed watching it again ??????????????? He wants to find the original murderers and learn why his father and his brother have been killed. I discovered some very good ones too. Claudia from Mexico??????? Seemed to me you are a very good woman! Since it is my first Turkish drama I will try one more before totally writing them off.That’s exactly what I loved about it – the old fashioned morality in their relationships. Btw anyone know the singer n songwriter of the theme song!Love the show! Efe becomes a victim of a murder that was accompanied by an accident with his father. In Nefes Nefese.I had watched my first Turkish Tv Series “intersection” and was looking for something similar when I came across this. I just wanted to hit her and throw her in a dark closet. I got hooked on this show after the first episode.Yeahh. In this drama, you showed the woman doctor with 4 inch heels going fishing on a boat with Efe. He is involved in illegal activities. Example of ‘dumb’ : when Efe leaves the gangster with his gun. Gamze Suner Atay is fabulous as Fatma. However, nothing becomes as easy as he imagines.A humble fisherman Efe finds it hard to adapt to the wealthy life. The cast was perfect.

I watched all episodes in 5 days, couldn’t stop watching.
Please give us so much joy in the near future, anxious to wait!! ?I laughed when my wife got hooked on this show,but now am watching. We welcome LITG fan art, video edits, and all things creative!Press J to jump to the feed. Just finished the 59 episode and wondering if that was the end?I assume that it is the end of this drama in your country. The whole casts are also incredible.

I think it is because you always include a wonderful love story, a little bit of comedy, a lot of crime and action and there always has to be a terrific EVIL PERSON. I just love this story so much. I was hooked since the first episode. Muy buena la parte comica con Ismail y su familia. I was totally absorbed into this movie for two weeks without getting enough of the superb acting from a slue of characters especially Onur Tuna who played Mustapha, and Ali Blade.

I didn’t realize I was so emotionally invested in this series. Such good actors. The winter sun; In the garden of his house on the day 7.dog twin brother, Mete and friends will witness an event that will change the whole life playing hide and seek with Efe April. His new life becomes a lot different than his previous life.One day, the assassin Kadim (Hakan Boyav) that killed Efe’s father returns to Turkey and meets Efe. Where are the other 9 episodes as mentioned here please? Bride of Istanbul is based on a true love story and Asli does a great job!I have been watching Turkish drama since 2 years ago after accidentally pressed on Magnificent Centuries offered by Netflix. The casts. I find the stories back ground or always rooted in unforgiveness, spiraling events based on revenge. Since i discovered it last august.

That’s only one possible ending! He needs to solve this marriage problem as soon as possible and continue to focus on his real problem.In this story, you will explore a wonderful detective story with a psychological twist.

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