yamaha rhino 700 stator test

Ricky Stator offers a brand new pickup coil for your Rhino 700 stator. Delivery options and delivery speeds may vary for different locationsElite OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Parts Distributor for premium brands!Special discounts for companies in the powersports industryDiscounts for federal and most state and municipal agenciesHow to Test the Regulator/Rectifier on a Yamaha YFM700When your Yamaha Grizzly ATV isn't charging properly, the first thing to do is test the battery voltage. If the voltage checks out, the next step is to test the stator, which is the component that generates the electricity your YFM700 relies on. you should test your stator hot and cold also. 2009 Yamaha Rhino 787 Hot Rod Rhino Sheave, Falicon 734 Cylinder, +6 Falicon Stroker Crank, Benchmark +1 Ported Head & T/B, JBS Deshrouded Valves, 10:1 CP Piston, 3D MSD, Dynatek Coil, Dual Muzzy's If you need any help or have any questions give me a call 304-673-2602 or 304-877-3419 James Davis, 131 Davis Ct., Mt. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Mine is not charging the battery. The gray three-terminal connector receives power from the stator, and the black two-terminal connector sends power to the battery. The regulator/rectifier takes the AC current from the stator, converts it into DC current and sends that current to charge the battery. Price and other details may vary based on size and colorStator + Crankcase Cover Gasket for Yamaha YXR700 Rhino / YXM700 Viking / YXC700 Viking VI 2008-2018 | OEM Repl.# 1XD-81410-00-00 5B4-81410-00-00 3B4-15451-00-00New Total Power Parts 340-58082 Stator Replacement For YAMAHA Rhino 700 YXR700F 2008-2013 5B4-81410-00-00Generator Stator For Yamaha 2007-2020 YFM 700 Grizzly | 2009-2014 YFM 550 Grizzly | OEM Repl. If the battery checks out, the next step is to test the regulator/rectifier.The regulator/rectifier takes the AC current from the stator, converts it into DC current and sends that current to charge the battery.

The reading should be around 20-25 volts. A digital multimeter is an invaluable tool you can use on your ATV, as well as on your other vehicles and around your home.Tools and Parts Needed - Yamaha Grizzly YFM700 Regulator/Rectifier TestTesting a Yamaha Grizzly YFM700 Regulator/RectifierThe regulator/rectifier contains a number of diodes, which are essentially switches that allow current to flow in one direction and prevent it from flowing back in the other direction. FREE Shipping. Gasket Crankcase By RMSTATOR| YXR Rhino ? Engine light is on also. If one or more of the diodes fails, the current will not flow correctly and the battery won't charge.

Hope, WV 25880 Does any one have a video of how to test the voltage reg and the stato on a 08 rhino. This only needs to Repair your stator yourself and save $$$.

If your Yamaha Grizzly YFM700 isn't charging properly, the first thing to test is the battery's voltage.

Remember even though a battery tests out it still could be bad.

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The diodes in the regulator/rectifier allow current to flow into it from the stator, and current to flow out of it to the battery. Torque bolt (#45) to 40 ft lbs. You will need to drill a hole thru the air shroud (#41) for the top bolt and standoff. Yamaha Rhino 700 Pickup Coil Part #RS0PU2G Price $59.95. If the battery checks out, the next step is to test the regulator/rectifier.

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