yato hiyori kiss chapter

Nov 9, 2015 1:36 PM. He only kept walking.When they reached the door, Yato turned to Hiyori. Hiyori states that Yato is like a father to Yukine and that he had done so much for him, putting up with his sins and blights and he didn't want to let him go, greatly affecting him. He tried to spark a fight with Yato but Yukine erected a shield and proved to be superior. Yato playfully calls him "Mom" while acting like a freeloader son. While the two still exchange barbs and punches with each other, they are more civil and have even worked to attain common goals, even bragging about their Shinkis to each other.
Kazuma sees Yato as his benefactor due to the fact that Kazuma requested Yato to kill the Ma clan to prevent Bishamon from dying, sparking Bishamonten's vendetta against Yato. After Ebisu reincarnates, Yato is at first apprehensive of the new Ebisu and tells him to go away.

Father has lived for several years through divine possession and it is through him that Yato is still alive because if a God is forgotten they die and Father is the only human who has been able to remember Yato for several years. Hiyori answered by looking away shyly. Kofuku supports Yato throughout the story; this support ranges from actively aiding battles, using her ability to …

Father seems to view Yato as a tool and does not care for his feelings, as he told Yato to tell Sakura the God's greatest secret to turn her into an Ayakashi and kill her because she was changing Yato into a kinder person who began to think twice about his killing. Sakura was Yato's first true Shinki. In chapter 58, Yato refers to Kazuma as his benefactor for taking care of him over the years just as how Kazuma referred to him as his benefactor by killing the Ma clan. Tenjin is a famous God of Fortune who has many shrines over the country. Yato X Hiyori. "Is it true Hiyori?!" "About someone seeing us, I think that that won't happen. He couldn't believe what he had done.

Me and Yato-chan?

Afterward, the two met once again when Nora told Yato that Father wanted him to save Ebisu from the underworld. Hiyori took it and wondered what he was doing.

"It was kind of quick and kind of sudden..."Kofuku gave her a gentle smile.

Her hatred of him drives her to be reckless and rash on many occasions.

Once she remembered where the hands go on the body, she noticed that they were tightly holding onto Yato's black hair. Even when he has Yukine, he still uses Nora, which causes some tension between the two. There, Ebisu told him that he believed Yato could be the kind of God that could bring happiness to other people, inspiring Yato to become a God of Fortune.

After the truth behind the slaughter of the Ma clan is made known to her, she lets go of her grudge against him, albeit the two still have a rocky relationship.

She didn't mind Yato getting a little rough with the kiss. She had slipped out of her body without noticing.

This isn't Hiyori! ""What sig-" but before Hiyori could finish her question, Yato had already turned around and entered the shrine, closing the sliding door behind him. She started to walk with him, grasping his hand.

"And I-" Yato started to turn red, "and I want you to be my girlfriend.

Yato started to confuse himself. The two remain close throughout the series, frequently meeting to discuss current matters. Overall, she could be seen to have served as a motherly figure for him. He was also one of the Shinki to attend Yato's purification ceremony when Yukine had to be punished. Yato said, almost looking hurt.Yato suddenly started to snicker. Hiyori could see his body moving, but she couldn't hear what he was saying.Yato turned to look at Hiyori and motioned her to come inside. Despite their antics, they're actually very close friends. While homeless, Yato sometimes sleeps in Tenjin's shrines to stay safe from phantoms since shrines are sacred grounds. He couldn't believe what he had done. "Yato..." she told him in a low voice.

Informasi lainnya... Disimpan oleh Barany Barack. He despises his father for the way he uses him to kill people and fulfill his means but has no choice but to conceal his identity lest he loses his "lifeline". Even though their time together was short, their new friendship was enough to prompt Yato to decide to save Ebisu because he wanted to, and not because his father told him so. There are no moments in Noragami that hiyori love yato and why hiyori kiss Fujisaki and Why tried to kill yato and in chapter 49 Why hit yato when he approached her face Why did not you hit Fujisaki yato x hiyori fake couples . Offline Joined: Jan 2012 Posts: 151 are you a troll or just blind . “Stray god”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Adachitoka. Subsidiary Sidebar. "I thought Kofuku was your girlfriend! Post navigation.

She has spent decades hunting him, always desiring to end him and anyone who happens to be acquainted with him.

She looked at Yato when she had already caught her breath.

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