Geocaching Resources

There is a wealth of information out there relating to geocaching. The below listed blogs, podcasts, vlogs, shops etc are a tiny number of the ones available but they are my favourites. Hopefully what you’re looking for is listed below.


Wasknight – Geocaching Blind

GeoCass UK GeoCaching


Mud and Nettles

The Life of a Geocacher

Coordinates/Distances is an invaluable resource!

Here for converting Google Maps coordinates to Lat/Lon

Here to measure the distance between two sets of coordinates (in miles or kilometres)

EarthCache Resources 

British Geological Survey (BSG)

Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Free Printable Downloads

Techblazer has some great free logbook templates here

Island Buttons provides free templates for personalised logbooks here

Landsharkz have an array of cool, free printable stuff like muggle cards, trackable mission statements and more here

Hint Decryptor

A handy ROT13 decryptor is available here

Local Associations/Groups

Geocaching Association of Great Britain (GAGB)


UK Cache Mag

FTF Geocacher

Maps for GPSr

Open Street Map give free downloads of routable maps in Europe

Other Resources

Teletrac Navman has some very helpful links listed on their site here


Geocache Talk



The Geocaching Podcast

Related Sites for information on waymarks to download cartridges to play wherigo

Specific Series

Church Micro (UK) – check out statistics and get achievement badges for your profile

SideTracked – get achievement badges for your profile



Geocoin Shop

Geocaching Shop NL

Pulse 72 Geocaching

Base of Tree

*These are shops that deliver to UK/Ireland. There are lots of other great ones that unfortunately, I can’t get stuff delivered from so I have no direct experience of them!


Project-GC is a mine of statistical information, and very useful tools such as trackable discovery.

My Geocaching Profile gives you the ability to display a multitude of statistics on your profile


Don’t know your TFTC from your SL? Check out my Glossary of Geocaching Terms


Project-GC trackable discovery tool

Log Them All


The Geocaching Vlogger (my favourite!)


SoDak Zak

Happy caching!


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