Muggle Cards

Print them, cut them out and take them with you when you’re geocaching in a foreign land and don’t know the language! The original text in English reads:

Are you curious about what I’m doing? 
Geocaching is a global outdoor sport that involves the use of a GPS to navigate to a certain spot, much like a treasure hunt. When players reach the location, they search for a hidden ‘cache’, usually a small waterproof container with a logbook to sign and occasionally some trinkets to swap. You can search for geocaches in your area at 

Muggle Cards – English

Muggle Cards – German

Muggle Cards – Spanish

Muggle Cards – Italian

Muggle Cards – French

Muggle Cards – Japanese

Muggle Cards – Polish

Muggle Cards – Finnish

Muggle Cards – Chinese

Muggle Cards – Danish

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2 thoughts on “Muggle Cards

  1. You’re on top of things! Thanks Sarah! Now, if you moved both sides about 3/16-1/2″ to the right, they’d line up perfectly when you print English on one side and Spanish on the other . . . I don’t ask for much! Thanks again.

  2. Hi Sarah, your english muggle cards are not available….. Thought of printing some for our trip to London… But I think I could manage to explain what we are doing if a suspicious police man asks 😉

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