Geocaching 101

Just starting out? Check out these helpful blog posts to answers all your questions!

Starting Out

What is Geocaching?

7 Steps to Finding your First Geocache

Glossary of Geocaching Terms

Geocaching Intro App for iPhone – A How-To Guide

8 Things to Remember about Trackables

Geocaching Souvenirs – What are They?

7 Tools I Can’t Go Geocaching Without

Exploring Other Cache Types

Exploring Other Cache Types I: Multi-Caches

Exploring Other Cache Types II: EarthCaches

Exploring Other Cache Types III: Event, CITO, Mega, Giga

Exploring Other Cache Types IV: Mystery Caches

Exploring Other Cache Types V: Virtuals and Webcams

Exploring Other Cache Types VI: Letterbox Hybrid

Exploring Other Cache Types VII: Wherigo

Becoming a Cache Owner

Hiding Your First Geocache

11 Steps to Becoming an EarthCache Owner

How Do I… Add an Image to my Cache Description?

5 Tips for Hosting a CITO event

What’s in your Geocaching Maintenance Kit?

Let’s Get Technical

Mind Your Ps and Qs: A How To Guide on Pocket Queries

How Do I…? 11 Useful Navigation Tips For

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